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Teaching History outside the Academy

A community dedicated to the examination of the issues facing those teaching history outside the academy, mainly in pre-collegiate settings. The community will also share curricular insights--pedagogical innovations, for example.

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Laura Westhoff on how her history research and teaching work together

How can historians use the scholarship of teaching and learning to bridge the gap between what historians do and what students learn? Laura Westhoff (Univ. of Missouri St. Louis) discusses how her early interest in teaching and her research on the social construction of knowledge helped lead her...

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David Pace on the high stakes of history teaching and learning

How can historians use the scholarship of teaching and learning to bridge the gap between what historians do and what students learn? David Pace (Indiana Univ. Bloomington), one of the historians who has pioneered research into history teaching and learning in the United States, talks about the...

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Clio Brochure

This brochure describes Marshall University's public history project. Clio connects users in the US with the history that surrounds them. We would love to expand this beyond the US and happy to partner with other institutions. #HistoryandHistoriansintheNews #PublicHistory #DigitalHistory ...


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Tuning the History Discipline: An Introduction

Tuning introduction at the 2015 AHA Annual Meeting in New York City, with presentations and remarks by: Anne Hyde, Colorado College Daniel McInerney, Utah State Univ. David Marshall, Institute for Evidence-Based Change and CSU San Bernardino Sarah Shurts, Bergen Community Coll. Brandon...

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Quantitative Fluency in the History Classroom

Julia Brookins, AHA, Chair Using Quantitative Data in Community College Courses—Maureen Nutting, North Seattle Community College US Environmental History for Scientists—Nancy Quam-Wickham, California State University Long Beach CASE Studies: Taking History into the Streets—Greg Nobles,...

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Approaches to History Pedagogy in General Education Curricula

Nancy Quam-Wickham, California State University Long Beach, Chair Developing a Pre-Major at Utah State University: What is the difference between seeing history as a social science as opposed to one of the humanities?— Daniel McInerney and Norm Jones, Utah State University Progress Portfolios...

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Thinking about Gen Ed as Part of a Larger System

Richard Bond, Virginia Wesleyan College, Chair History teaching at an AAC&U-LEAP campus—Kenneth Nivison, Southern New Hampshire University System-wide Learning Outcomes at a Texas Community College—Jonathan Lee, San Antonio College Pressures for transferability—Marianne Wokeck, Indiana...