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    Thanks to our members for this robust conversation about an important issue. The first comment in this string was 2 months ago, and I think it's time we close the thread, as we've come to that point that I mentioned six weeks ago regarding everyone having ...

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    The LGBTQ population is not infitesimal. That aside, the issue is LGBTQ and other groups being excluded from history based on their group. Alan Turing is a good example. Until recently he only received a cursory note in history (usually the Turing Test) ...

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  • Posted in: AHA Member Forum

    Dr. Rezner, the everyday, trivial, ordinary are often important in the type of society people construct. Are most people pleasant or surley? How do we choose our leaders? What do we expect of others in taking care of one another? Is everyone respected ...

  • Posted in: AHA Member Forum

    Baruch Kahana, almost every event in history can have more than one cause or effect. The trick is to string them together in a meaningful sequence. CRT creates a sequence of meanness and evil while traditional American History captures a sequence of ...

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    To Mr. Kahana, with whom I agree, I'd like to add a comment of Benjamin Franklin's about printing all sides and letting them do battle. Only by showing all sides can truth win out. For instance, I think of the Indian accounts of the Little Bighorn and ...

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