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Diverse, eclectic interests. Several degrees in English & Creative Writing.Computer Engineering. Went to law school. Did post-grad work at several schools in different fields. Taught at community colleges, for-profit schools & large state universities. Author/editor of 26+ "print books" (before the self publishing craze, back when one needed an agent). Published dozens of academic/technical/scientific papers in peer reviewed journals in dozens of countries on at least four continents. Have worked in MANY fields, started five businesses, have been fascinated with world history & Asian history especially for most of my life. Have given presentations, seminars, been keynote speakers at secondary/post-secondary academic institutions, grad schools, academic conferences, etc., on topics ranging from post-WW2 efforts by the French to recolonize Indochina, a history of technology advances leading to the ARPANET & the Internet as we now know it, San Francisco Renaissance authors & their historical influence, how Pol Pot became Pol Pot, US involvement with Ho Chi Minh & Mao Zedong circa WW2, histories & influences of Abrahemic theism, historical myths of the Cold War era as compared to a multipolar world of burgeoning regional hegemonies, the history of nuclear proliferation & the NPT, & more. I enjoy reading, learning, research, dialogue/discussion, geopolitical analysis. Have been suffering from progressively worsening severe health problems for some time, had to retire early. Per usual, I probably just committed one of my worst sins, as my wife likes to tell me, which is going on for far too long.