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Understanding the concept of problem-Solution essays

There are several academic writing types, and each essay has great unique importance and role to play in writing essays. In this article, we will throw light on the concept of a problem-solution essay.

Usually, the students find it hard to create a fascinating, attractive, and attention-seeking essay on this specific genre of academic writing. As its central theme is closely linked with cause and effect essay, the newbie students often confuse and mingle the concept of both specific writing pieces. It happens due to a lack of understanding of the students they have regarding various types of essays.

The newbie students mostly look forward to asking others to complete their essay writing assignments when it comes to creating a problem-solution paper. It is expedient mentioning here that the students should note the writing style of prominent essay writing service adopts to create a presentable writing piece. It assists the newbie students in bringing diversity in their writing style. 

Usually, the students at the initial stage of essay writing find it challenging to compose a presentable problem-solution essay. In fact, at first, the students think that creating a thorough writing paper on this particular genre of essay writing would be as easy as falling off a log. But, once they start writing, they get stuck in the middle and fail to complete the task. It happens due to a lack of knowledge about the topic. 

Let's now throw light on the concept of a problem-solution essay.

What is a problem-solution essay?

It is a genre of expository essay writing that urges an essay writer to draw the targeted audience's attention towards a prevailing issue. It is the utmost duty of a scribbler to present a problem before the readers in such a way as they should take an in-depth interest in knowing its importance and solution. As the problem-solution paper falls under the umbrella of an expository essay. Therefore, the students cannot express emotional attachment or thoughts related to the issue.

Important factors of a problem-solution essay

It has specific elements that students are bound to follow. This specific essay consists of four major parts that are as follows

  1. Situation
  2. Problem
  3. Solution
  4. Evaluation

Let us throw light on each factor so that the students can develop a better understanding of the topic. 

  • Situation

In the introductory paragraph, the author has to explain the entire prevailing situation in such a way as it should lure the readers' interest in the topic. Explaining the situation in a problem-solution essay without involving emotional attachment is an art. A newbie student should keenly observe the tips and tricks a leading academic write my essay for me service adopts to draw a situation to grab the readers' attention toward the prevailing issue.

  • Problem

In the main body's section, a scribbler must highlight the problem and tell the readers why it is important to draw their attention toward the problem. 

  • Solution

The author must also provide legitimate solutions so that the readers can look deeply into the topic. A writer gets the flexibility to provide more than one solution and rate them priority wise.

  • Evaluation

In the concluding remarks, it is the utmost duty of an essay writer to tell the readers that the solutions provided by them are viable and can be adopted easily. The solutions must be budget-friendly so that it may not lead to another problem. 

What are the advantages of a problem-solution essay?

A problem-solution essay has high importance in all educational institutes. It has far-reaching advantages for both students and the teachers. Let's markdown a few maximal advantages before the readers.

  1. It is a potent source for developing a habit of observing various issues critically that may seem minor. In this way, the students look deeply into things and try to observe them in a critical way.
  2. The students learn to highlight a prevailing issue before the targeted audience confidently. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that it boosts students' confidence to address an issue and provides its solutions.
  3. Observing an issue and imparting the best solutions is not as simple as ABC. Instead, it requires a scribbler to research the topic as it is an understood fact that a student can present a viable solution only when it has a profound knowledge about the problem. For this purpose, an essay writer must research the topic in different ways. In short, students learn the researching techniques via a problem-solution essay.
  4. It urges the newbie students to notice how a cheapest essay writing service composes thorough problem-solution papers to learn various ways of making the content presentable. Doing so boosts confidence in students to create a top-notch problem-solution essay.
  5. It demands a scribbler to make the content intriguing to allure the readers' interest in the essay. Ultimately, the students learn the skill of grabbing the readers' attention toward the essay without involving sensory details and emotional feelings in the text. 

It is imperative for students that learning essay writing skills are the last resort for them. Students can't pursue their degree programs if they do not know academic writing skills. It is good to look forward to the best custom essay writing service only when a student is running out of time to submit the assigned essay writing task. Otherwise, the students need to learn to apply all the rules and laws related to essay writing according to a given topic. 

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