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Important Guidelines About Your Emotional Support Pets

ESA stands for Emotional Support Animal pet animals that help their human companion keep their mental difficulties in check. The ESAs don’t require any professional training to be the designated support animals; Just with their presence, they help keep their pet-parents’ anxieties, depression, and other conditions to the minimum. With an Emotional Support Animal letter, prescribed by a mental health specialist, you too can have a pet as your ESA. With the ESA letter for housing you can live with your pet at home, and travel by air with it side-by-side in the passenger cabin.

How to acquire an ESA Letter?

The ESA letter can only be prescribed by a licensed mental health specialist. This mental health specialist can be a psychiatrist, a clinical counselor, psychoanalysis, etc. The specialist will assess your condition through various sessions and/or assessments. Only if the specialist deems that you are suffering from a mental health crisis or disability will s/he prescribe the ESA letter to you. The letter will have to be signed and authorized by the person. Without the signature and the sign of authority won’t be legitimate, and you won’t be able to benefit from the various granted provisions.

The ESA Laws

The ESA bullmastiff pets are granted the right to assure that they are with their pet-handlers at all times to support them. These laws protect individuals who have an ESA pet with an authorized ESA letter with the. The various provisions given to the ESA are due to the federals law of:


Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA)

The ACAA of 1986 allows the pet handler to travel with their pet animals in-flight in the passenger cabin. The airline carriers are, furthermore, not allowed to charge the passenger any extra ‘pet-fee’. You should have the ESA letter with you at all times before and during the flight. The calico cat pet will occupy the space allotted for you as a passenger.  

Fair Housing Act (FHA)

The FHA allows the ESA handlers to occupy a rental property, no-matter the ‘no-pet’ policy. The FHA will make sure that your landlord will not deny your siberian cat pet the entry into the rented apartment or home. You are also exempted from any unfair pet fees or extra deposits. Make sure to have your ESA letter with you, which you can provide to the landlord.

Your responsibility as an ESA parent

Having a pet animal is a huge commitment and responsibility. If you are suffering from a mental disability and have an ESA just for that then your responsibilities as the pet handler are even more. As the ESA handler you are not only representing yourself but the entire ESA community, and wrongdoings or carelessness on your part, can get the ESA pets a bad name. Here are some of the things that you should make sure to do:

Call the airline carriers early about your decision to fly with your ESA dogo argentino pet. This will give them enough time to prepare the best possible seating for you, such that you and the fellow passengers have a comfortable trip.

Renew your ESA letter annually and keep it with you during your traveling and while dealing with the property owners.

Train your petto to be obedient, calm, and sociable, such that it behaves when around other people and adapts to new places. This will give you a good ESA experience while traveling or residing inside your home. A cranky and disobedient pet will become a nuisance and lead to more anxiety and stress.

Make sure to take care of your pet’s health, exercise, diet, and space needs. A satisfied and happy pet will be the perfect support animal.



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