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The Do's And Don'ts Of Developing An Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is more than just a summary of a book, article, website or any type of publication. It gives details of the research that has been carried out on a specific write my essay topic and assessments of its relevance and value. Depending on the assignment annotation may be analytical or descriptive.

Check your spellings and grammar before submitting an annotated bibliography. Make sure that wording and spelling are correct.  If you are thinking to publish your research, then a comprehensive approach in writing will provide your readers with a substantial resource directory. With this, your instructor will gain insight into your research abilities and also allow you to assess your work. You can also develop your research skills. 

If you are creating a reference list with annotation as a part of your assignment, then creating a written portion of your annotation starts with identifying the format asked by your professor or teacher. The annotated bibliography or summary in MLA style can be written as either direct phrases, short or as complete sentences. Ask your teacher which approach you need to take. Your annotated bibliography should include main points from the relevant source, the topic covered, the approach used and any critical evaluation. A standard annotation bibliography consists of 250 to 300 words.

Do not skim, Read the article carefully. Make outline, before writing an annotated bibliography. This will help you to identify the purpose and scope of the annotated bibliography. Organize all resources and provide a summary of each relevant source. Take all reasonable note as this will provide a brief and comprehensive summary, and help you to avoid missing important details of write my essay for me task. Make sure that you have narrowed the topic enough to add value to your work. Concentrate on a topic and add all essential and important information. Make sure to include in your bibliography the following things.


  • Basic purpose
  • Targeted audience
  • Author’s central arguments 
  • Major findings and conclusions
  • Additional elements (charts, diagram, glossaries, and appendices)
  • Important points on the author’s background
  • Citation 
  • A brief explanation of source
  • Authors name


Plagiarism is one of the most serious violations. Plagiarism is to steal the ideas and words of others as one’s own without giving proper credit to the source. When you got the task of writing an annotated bibliography, your professor might have warned you to submit it with zero plagiarism. Proofread your paper as it doesn’t take much time. Before submitting your paper, check the plagiarism of your paper to ensure that your document is plagiarism-free. 

Not all the students have the necessary skills to write an annotated bibliography. If you are one of them then don’t hesitate to get professional essay writing service as online professional writers know all formatting guidelines and rules. 

Do not just copy and paste the abstract. Remember annotated bibliography is different from abstracts. Abstracts are just resourced descriptive summaries whereas annotated bibliography is descriptive as well as critical. Annotated bibliography look at the source usefulness, author’s point of view and content clarity. 

Start writing an annotated bibliography with listing citations of relevant sources. Make sure that you understand every requirement in your assignments. Do ask your teacher to clarify the points in which you have difficulty. Also, make sure what formatting style you require to follow. 

Don’t be too detailed. Keep in mind that your annotation bibliography should not be longer than one page. Format according to the requirements and don’t skip this step as the quality of your final paper depends on content and formatting.