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    As part of the AHA's ongoing efforts to support discussions of history curricula across institutions and educational levels, we are working with participants in the Tuning project to organize events around the country. Please join fellow historians... more

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    The AHA Communities member forum is for the exchange of ideas and information between the members of the association. We hope it will be a place where our members can raise a professional question (whether in the realm of research, teaching, or other... more

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    Nathan Perz: That the Mensheviks were larger or had more support than the Bolsheviks in November 1917 is clearly and noncontroversially false. The Mensheviks (the word means "minority" in English) had been discredited by their support of the highly...

  • Posted in: AHA Members' Forum

    I would add that there is much to learn as we have dialogues with our students about what words like revolution mean. This should lead to critical thinking about how we use words to organize our thoughts to make sense of the vast amount of information...

  • Posted in: AHA Members' Forum

    I was an early contributor to this thread and I have found it to evolve as a good example of critical thinking using the Socratic Method put into practice in an electronic forum rather than a marble gazebo. What is your point? Exactly what is the...

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