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Teaching and Learning History

What is the TLH? The Teaching and Learning History Community is a place to discuss issues and topics related to the teaching and learning of all fields of history at K-12, Two- and Four-Year institutions, museums, and public history sites.

How is the AHA involved?  AHA Teaching Division Chair Elaine Carey starts conversations and responds to community members that post. AHA Staff Julia Brookins (Special Projects Coordinator) and Dana Schaffer (Associate Director) follow the boards, add content of interest, and participate in the discussions.

Who can participate?  Anyone can register. Registered users (registration is free) can read,  post articles and links, and respond to topics and discussion threads,  but only AHA members can start new topics. Teachers, students, researchers, administrators, interpreters, and others involved in TLH are encouraged to respond.

Note: The AHA staff reserve the right to remove topics unrelated to teaching and learning history or that violate the AHA Communities Code of Conduct

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    RE: American Yawp

    Dear Gina, Reviews of free online texts in all disciplines for the California State University System are at . To get to the U.S. History reviews, you have to scroll all the way to the end. You will find all of...

  • A few of us are intending to propose a roundtable session for next year’s conference in Denver on issues in history education at two-year institutions. Many students at community colleges are non-traditional and non-history majors, so we hope...

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    RE: American Yawp

    Hello Gerald, Thanks for posting your review of American Yawp. I'd be interested in reading your reviews of the other free online history texts. Are those available anywhere? Gina Ottoboni ------Original Message------ I reviewed this...

  • I'm using The American Yawp right now, for the first time. We'll see how it goes at the end of the semester, but after three weeks, it seems to be fine. As Gerald Shenk just mentioned, the layout can be confusing: it's difficult to get from one chapter...

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  • We search constantly for ways to teach students better, to serve our discipline, profession, and the broader public more fully, and to stay relevant in this digital era. I would like to propose one strategy that has the potential to advance our...

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