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Inquiry Based Introduction to History Course

  • 1.  Inquiry Based Introduction to History Course

    Posted 11-01-2023 07:53:00 PM

    I wanted to know if any one teaches an inquiry based teaching and learning introduction history course? I am thinking of utilizing AI language platforms to have students develop questions based on the Five Cs of history related to a topic or theme. I plan to have them then journal an explanation for the series of questions/prompts they used in their research and then to do non-AI research to correct the AI responses or enhance the content AI produced. 

    This is all tentative in my mind at this point, and if I decide to create such a course, I would need to write out transparent instructions, rubrics and create videos to help students navigate the learning process. These are formative assessments, and I would need to think through a summative assessment(s), probably having them do local history. 

    Any ideas, critiques or thoughts are welcome. 


    Trinidad Gonzales
    South Texas Coll.
    McAllen TX