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Annual Meeting Teaching Sessions

  • 1.  Annual Meeting Teaching Sessions

    Posted 12-30-2013 01:45:00 PM
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    Preparing to Teach

    The following sessions all address current research and activity in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in history specifically, and/or focus on how history doctoral programs might better integrate teaching preparation into the training of graduate students.

    I encourage members of the teaching and learning community to attend as many as interest you, and help the AHA continue this important conversation in person as well as online!

    Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Why Should We Engage? (Session 3)

    Training Graduate Students to Teach: Berkeley's 'Teaching at the University' Course (Session 27)

  • Building a Career around the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in History (Session 78)

  • How to Integrate the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning into Graduate Programs (Session 159)

  • The Feedback Loop: Historians Talk about the Links between Research and Teaching (Session 237)

    Julia Brookins
    American Historical Assoc.
    Washington DC