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Possible Tuning panel for Jan. 2018 AHA meeting: students in job interviews

  • 1.  Possible Tuning panel for Jan. 2018 AHA meeting: students in job interviews

    Posted 02-02-2017 02:16:00 PM
    Dear Colleagues,

    I would like to put together a panel for the January 2018 AHA conference that focuses on the experiences of our graduates at employment interviews. The tentative title I'm working with: "On the Job: Talking about History Skills with Employers."

    Over the years, AHA "Tuners" have had casual conversations about graduating students (at the bachelor's and master's levels) who have gone through job interviews with employers in the public and private sectors. So far, though, we have not put this information together in a more systematic and public fashion and shared the experiences with our fellow historians.

    Have any of you worked closely with students to prepare them for interviews and guide our majors in effective ways of discussing their academic skills with employers? Even better, do any of you know of recent graduates who could join you at the 2018 conference in DC -- and have them speak to the audience about strategies for discussing disciplinary skills? Additionally, has anyone developed a "translation guide" that expresses the key points of the AHA's Discipline Core in terms that resonate with employers?

    It might be helpful to have a Tuning panel that focuses on ways our students can effectively communicate historical learning to employers. Time is limited (since panel proposals must be submitted by February 15th). But I'd be happy to hear from colleagues who might have something to contribute to this type of panel.


    Daniel J. McInerney
    Utah State University
    Logan, UT 84322-0710