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Historical Empathy for Difficult History Learning - Digital Teaching Tools

  • 1.  Historical Empathy for Difficult History Learning - Digital Teaching Tools

    Posted 01-28-2021 03:12:00 AM

    I am PhD student in need of your help. My research needs volunteers-- historians and students--to participate in a study.  You do not have to be teaching this semester to participate.  You do not need to have ever taught about the subject of my case study, Lucie Aubrac, to participate.  You only need a willingness to contribute your time and thoughts to help me develop new digital teaching tools. Please read more here and reach out to me if you have questions.  Thank you. 


    I am an international Ph.D. student in the interdisciplinary Texts & Technology program at the University of Central Florida. My dissertation, tentatively titled "Design-Based Research Case Study of Lucie Aubrac and the French Resistance: Multimedia Flipped Learning Approach for Difficult History Learning and Historical Empathy," seeks to improve the teaching of difficult history by designing digital learning tools, which depending on your input could include websites, games, mobile apps, and technologies such as augmented and virtual realities (AR & VR). Any historian may participate. Any history majors over eighteen years old may participate. Please share this information and the link with students who might be interested in participating.   


    • Participants do not need to have any experience using these technologies. You will provide input based on your real-classroom experience.  
    • Experience teaching the French resistance is not required.  


      This is an iterative study that asks participants to be involved with the development of the digital teaching tools. The total time commitment is about 5 hours over four weeks. The study has two phases: initial consultation and three design cycles.  


    • Attend one day workshop (2 hours and 15 minutes). 
    • Attend 3 design cycles 45 min each. 


    • Read a PowerPoint presentation. 
    • Attend 3 design cycles 45 min each cycle conducted separately from the educators.


      All meetings will be conducted via Zoom. A small fellowship allows me to thank participants with $200 Amazon gift cards for faculty and $100 Amazon gift cards for students. I so appreciate your time and effort in making my dissertation research possible. 


      Please respond quickly, as I would like to conduct the research workshop in February, any day between 10 -28, 2021


      For participation, please fill this form: 




      My research depends on collaborative work with academic historians and university students. My goal is to produce a prototype that can be developed for use with other difficult history topics in the future at both the K-12 and university levels. This study contributes to existing literature in design, pedagogy, and difficult history.  


      For more information about the study: 



      or inquiry please contact me at smeissa@knights.ucf.edu if you have questions. You may also contact my chair Dr. Amelia Lyons on  amelia.lyons@ucf.edu.   


      The IRB determined that the proposed activity is not research involving human subjects as defined by DHHS and FDA regulations. IRB review and approval by this organization is not required. 


    Thank you, 

    Sahar Eissa, ABD 

    UCF Texts and Technology PhD candidate  

    Sahar Eissa
    Irvine CA