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  • 1.  Query: Suggestions for Teaching Division

    Posted 02-01-2014 08:58:00 AM

    Dear Colleagues:

    With the AHA's proposal deadline approaching, I am writing to inquire what types of Teaching Division panels, roundtables, or workshops might be most helpful.   What are some of the key teaching issues/dilemmas facing history teachers of all levels? Or, what great ideas should be shared?

    Below, I have pasted the link to the call for proposals. 


    Elaine Carey
    St. John's Univ., NY
    Queens NY

  • 2.  RE:Query: Suggestions for Teaching Division

    Posted 02-03-2014 01:24:00 PM

                    In a previous post on this blog I suggested a roundtable at the 2015 AHA on course outcomes in the introductory history surveys.  There have been a number of reports from faculty commenting on state or institutional mandates to address certain specific issues or to give courses a particular perspective.  These mandates can sometimes reflect efforts to celebrate certain viewpoints and/or restrict the expression of others.  In some cases addressing certain themes or issues may be deemed too controversial, sensitive, or "inappropriate" for college students.  Among faculty there are also significant differences about the balance between "content" and "skills" as well as the extent to which content should be specified or left open. 

                    As organizer and panelist of such a roundtable, I would identify the central questions in the issue, moderate the discussion at the conference, and give my own presentation on the issue as it relates to Florida and my institution. 

                    I would be willing submit a proposal for such a roundtable for 2015, if two or three other members would be able to join the panel.  As the deadline is very soon, anyone who might be willing to join the roundtable as a presenter should contact me at msmith01@mail.valenciacollege.edu


    Mark Smith
    Valencia Coll.
    Orlando FL