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Looking for AHA 2017 Co-Presenters - K-12 Educator Training

  • 1.  Looking for AHA 2017 Co-Presenters - K-12 Educator Training

    Posted 01-25-2016 01:07:00 PM

    Hello colleagues! I am interested in developing a proposal for a teaching & learning session at AHA 2017. Having attended past annual meetings, I am very interested in engaging in the conversation around how to more effectively prepare K-12 educators to bring into their classrooms. It seems to me that if AHA is interested in how to improve college-level history education, we also need to think about how students are learning history BEFORE they get to college! 

    I have worked in museum education in the history sector for nearly ten years, and currently oversee K-12 Teacher Professional Development at the New-York Historical Society. Our approach is to train teachers to think like historians so that they can then pass on these skills to students. I would love to put together an interactive workshop on how cultural institutions (museums, libraries, archives) are engaging in this work and bringing the practice of highly-trained professional historians into K-12 classrooms. 

    If you currently work in this area (or see a different angle) and would like to collaborate, please reach out to me here or at leslie.hayes@nyhistory.org



    Leslie Hayes
    Associate Director for Continuing Education
    The New-York Historical Society
    New York, NY