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Annual Meetings, past and future

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    Posted 01-16-2015 04:25:00 PM

    I just wanted to check in with everyone and see how things went for those who attended to AHA annual meeting in New York two weeks ago. I did hear from a number of attendees that they were excited about the number and visibility of teaching and learning at this meeting in comparison to years previous. That was good to hear. If you went, did you have a chance to see any of the teaching-related sessions or events? How were they? I would love to read about particular lessons or experiences that stood out to people.

    We'd like to keep the momentum going, so if you have particular ideas for learning and teaching sessions--whether practica, lightning rounds, roundtable discussions, or formal presentations--please use this community space to circulate them and find other participants. No single-person proposals are ever accepted, except for the poster sessions. The deadline for proposals to be on next year's program is just one month away, on February 15. More information is at http://www.historians.org/annual-meeting/future-meetings/annual-meeting-2016-x15738. Please read the guidelines before trying to submit--they will help you avoid many common (and critical) mistakes.

    I also need to apologize for the spam postings that got through our moderation recently. So sorry about that. We will keep an eye out for commercial posters and try to ensure that their messages don't go out in the daily digest.

    Thanks for your attention,

    Julia Brookins
    American Historical Assoc.
    Austin TX