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Teaching Tips for Classroom Discussions

  • 1.  Teaching Tips for Classroom Discussions

    Posted 07-11-2013 11:34:00 AM

    Talk about Teaching Tips for Classroom Discussion here or, if you have a longer (500-750) version, use the blog tab to post it to the discussion.

    What's a Teaching Tip? 
    We like the way Patty Limerick defined the idea of Teaching Tipping Points in her article in Perspectives on History, and we offer it as a summary of the goals of the successful "Teaching Tip" here:

    "[W]e invite our contributors to present their Teaching Tipping Points as narratives, stories, tales, and illustrative examples, rather than as instructions, exhortations, or prescriptions. ... We will encourage tales of teaching that are closer in style to the literature of action and adventure than to the more plodding genres of manuals, lesson plans, and how-to guides.We seek stories of experiments that worked, but we also want thought-provoking stories of experiments that should have worked but did not (and yet still delivered, in their failure, an instructive message)."