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Why Teach History and How Should We Teach It?

  • 1.  Why Teach History and How Should We Teach It?

    Posted 03-05-2014 02:06:00 PM
    Hi Everyone,

    This is a cross-post discussion from the K-12 Organizing Committee group that I thought might interest others of you on the TLH group.  Thanks, Craig and Ane, for contributing.  We would love to her how others' departments are considering these questions.



    From: Ane Lintvedt
    To: K-12 Membership Organizing Committee
    Posted: March 01, 2014 9:13 AM
    Subject: RE:Questions for the start of the new school year
    Yes, my department is discussing the same issues, calling them Exit Skills, and breaking them down by grade-level.  We are looking at differentiated skill-levels such as

    *reading (texts, documents, academic journal articles);
    *research and library/media skills (print, televised, online, social media, etc);
    *analytical skills (comparison, change/continuity over time, POV);
    *collaborative & communication skills.

    The grand idea is to have these skills linked across department lines for an integrated learning experience.  I'd love to hear what other departments are discussing.
    Ane Lintvedt
    McDonogh Sch.
    Baltimore MD