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The AHA wants to hear from your former students!

  • 1.  The AHA wants to hear from your former students!

    Posted 10-13-2016 01:23:00 PM

    Hello all,

    The AHA has posted a questionnaire for alumni of undergraduate history programs, in particular former students who were history majors or double majors. The questionnaire asks about why they chose history, how people have used what they learned, whether in their careers or life more broadly.  We will feature some of the resulting responses (with permission) on the AHA website and in upcoming AHA publications, like the new Why Study History? booklet.  Staff will also read the responses to help inform AHA strategy on undergraduate history education. The page title asks for BA's, but anyone with an undergraduate history degree, including a BS or Associate's degree or a joint degree, is welcome to respond.

    Please send the link to the online questionnaire to your favorite history students over the years, and feel free to share on any social media accounts you have.

    Why Study History? Questionnaire

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    Why Study History? Questionnaire
    As part of ongoing efforts to advocate for the history BA and highlight the value of historical thinking, AHA invites feedback from past majors.
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    Julia Brookins
    special projects coord.
    American Historical Assoc.