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AHA-Mellon Career Diversity Regional Conference in New Mexico

  • 1.  AHA-Mellon Career Diversity Regional Conference in New Mexico

    Posted 02-10-2015 06:19:00 PM
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    Dear Colleagues,

    Please join us on February 26-27 for the conference, "What Use is History?" This two-day conference will bring individuals who are presently employed in non-profits, NGOs, governmental agencies, and corporations, among other organizations, to Albuquerque to share how earning their PhDs in history helped them with their chosen careers. Funded by money that the American Historical Association received from the Mellon Foundation, the goal of this conference is to show how graduate students can apply their training as historians in the context of a variety of professional careers.

    We welcome the participation by chairs and directors of graduate studies, who can take ideas and information back to their respective departments' graduate student communities, and by graduate students themselves, who can use the conference as an opportunity to learn to talk about their research in new ways. Furthermore, you can enjoy the temperate weather and beauty of New Mexico in February, as well as take time to savor our state's vibrant culture, history, and cuisine.

    More information about the conference can be found on our website ( Please make sure to register if you plan to attend.  The graduate students at UNM have also offered to help host visiting graduate students in order to reduce travel costs. Please contact Eric Payseur ( for more information.

    See you in Albuquerque,

    Melissa B.

    Melissa Bokovoy
    Univ. of New Mexico
    Albuquerque NM