How To Finish a Huge Programming Assignment Fast

By Melissa Layne posted 01-20-2021 11:15:50 PM


Doing homework at the last minute is the universal norm for students, and huge programming assignments are no exception to this rule. Unlike traditional homework, programming requires lots of intellectual thinking, concentration, and problem-solving skills rather than simply writing or theorizing. 

Decluttering the work area, using planning apps, and blocking all distractions will help immensely in getting the work done on time. Here are the top productive tips to finish complex programming tasks quickly if the deadline is really short, but the workload is huge.

Breaking into small modules

Divide the programming assignment into small modules, prioritize the sections that will fetch more marks, and concentrate on them first. Use pay for programming homework website to finish last-minute work with expert help or if you completely lack ideas and have a feeling that you won't be able to do the work at all. The experts on the site provide a clear explanation for the programming solutions they give for easy understanding of the students.  

  • You can group the different modules based on their:
  • Complex coding requirement 
  • Error or debugging process 
  • The time required for completing the module
  • Familiarity or easiness of the programming part for the particular module 
  • The modules impact on the grade/metrics

Prioritize the tasks

Concentrating on less important, time-consuming modules, just because they are easy, rather than the core coding, will not help in finishing the task on time. For example, the core programming part in building an eCommerce store is making the display, shopping cart and payment part work properly. 

Concentrating too much on login pages, password reset features, customer service, and contact details will not fetch proper marks. Finish the complex coding part first and fix the bugs to concentrate on the time consuming easy tasks later, without stressing out. It is tempting to attempt the easiest part first, but this strategy is not suitable for last-minute work. 

Enough time for debugging

Check every part of the core coding numerous times, allotting enough time for debugging and fixing errors. Nobody will check whether the farthest link in the app is working fine, but everybody will look at the core coding part with scrutiny. Ensure the core part stays bug-free and works fine by testing well before switching to other easy tasks. 

It is common for all the students to check online for help when they face issues trying out different solutions. Check online for coding examples, discuss with other students, or get the help of seniors to finish the task on time.

Limit the search time 

Reserve the familiar programming tasks which can be finished with ease for last and focus on the complex parts first. Search regarding programming help as and when necessary without spending too much time online as over browsing will not give any proper solution and cause perplexity. 

Limit the search with one or two similar examples, and start working on the solution concentrating on debugging or error fixing help available online to save time. Use apps that block social media until the assignment deadline is over to avoid distraction, and set alarms at particular intervals to complete each module. 

Comfortable seating and location

De-clutter the workspace and make the place smell good using fragrant candles or a nice room spray. Choose comfortable seating with a good chair and a rightly positioned desk to avoid headaches, back pain, and eye irritation after a few hours. 

If necessary, sit down on cushions with a laptop table, leaning comfortably to the wall, stretch the legs free and work for hours. This will release the pressure from the hips perched on the chair all day and relax the body, increasing focus. 

Working in a clean, pleasant environment tricks the brain to enjoy working and focus easily rather than fearing the deadline. 

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