The Right Age to Teach Coding to Kids

By Melissa Layne posted 01-02-2021 01:59:57 AM


Technology is advancing very fast, and so should you. One of the most notable changes is the advancement in computers, which is gradually becoming a necessity. To operate the computer at advanced levels, you must understand coding. It is a daunting task for older adults, but it is pretty simple when introduced to kids at an early stage. 

What is coding?

Codes are creative commands that are fed to computers to complete a specific instruction. Coding is, therefore, learning the different commands that are used by computers to perform different functions. It is also called programming, and in a layman's language, it is often known as learning of the computer language. 

According to programming teachers at Coder Kids, the leading online coding learning institute, coding for kids is provided in a gamified teaching mode to make it easy and simple. Such lessons are interesting and educative to the children. This can be done through visual block interfaces and text-based coding classes. 

There is a great importance of coding for kids that parents must take advantage of by introducing their kids to this technology at an early stage. 

What is a suitable age to introduce kids to coding?

The 21st-century kids start playing video games at the age of two. Many parents do not know that introducing their kids to the gaming world is the first step to learning coding because these games are programmed and played using complex commands that boost creative thinking.

At the age of seven, your kids’ brains are mature enough to grasp some content about coding. However, this is not to say five-year-old kids cannot understand computer programming, but they should be given enough time to play and grow. 

Programming for kids must be done using the most interesting of ways. Tutors often use games because they grasp the kid’s attention easily.

Why should kids learn to code?

At the early stages of your kid’s development, they are very active, and their brains are still very elastic to understand a lot of stuff. Even though some parents view introducing their kids into coding as non-important, it has several advantages. It introduces your kid to the reality of life and best ways to face the challenges in life. Luckily, the kids will understand how to be mentally tough and face complex problems with confidence from a very early age.

Coding also teaches young kids the importance of working hard and its fruits because it is a tough assignment that needs time, patience and practice to master. 

Can coding benefit kids in the future?

Jobs are becoming scarce with time, with all the economic research institutions urging governments worldwide to embrace technology because of the untapped potential it possesses. This means that kids unintroduced to coding can start earning money from a tender age by just knowing the simple computer hacks. 

Moreover, coding serves as a beneficial activity that can keep young kids engaged and happy, helping them focus on some good course for the future. They learn the importance of working on a small set of tasks while helping them improve various life skills.

Most parents don’t think much of their kids’ future careers and let them freely engage in video games. They certainly need to think creatively and have a serious approach to career-related issues. 

Best programming languages for kids

Kids are very cheeky and can concentrate for very few minutes. Tutors must, therefore, come up with interesting formats of teaching that capture the kid’s attention. Visual block format is the most preferred method that parents and tutors can use. The visual block method has several options, but Scratch 3.0 is excellent for kids. In this method, 2D games are used to teach the kids. 

You can move to more advanced methods of teaching when the kid has acquired some knowledge. Within no time, the kid will be ready to take on more challenging tasks like DIY robotics.