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Hello. I'm Rosie and I'm a private tutor.

Private tutors offer one-on-one tuition help to kindergarten or secondary school students, or for college students entering the workforce. As an elementary private tutor, you will assist children (grade school-aged), beginning at kindergarten, improve their abilities in reading, spelling, or reading-based activities. At junior high school, your services may be needed for preparing for state tests such as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, which is standardized for all students in the United States beginning with kindergarten. In addition, your services may be needed for younger students who are entering college and want to improve specific areas of study.

Many private tutoring locations offer a "teaching" program, whereby the tutoring is done by a professional teacher on a scheduled basis. In these situations, you have a specified amount of time to work with the tutor and to review work that has been completed. You will have a greater chance to ask questions if you know what specific work is required for the upcoming lesson. For example, if an essay is due for review, the tutor can inform you that it should be submitted early so that it is complete and ready for review with the instructor. In many cases, many high school students have difficulty keeping assignments on time, which forces many students to take extra-long, unnecessary courses or to repeat them to finish.

Private tutoring can be very beneficial for a student who is having a difficult time keeping up with homework or for a student who needs extra help with a class assignment. When you hire a tutor, make sure that they are licensed and that they offer a guarantee that they will follow your instructions to the letter. Private tutoring sessions should ideally take place once a week during working hours so that your child has time to review work and get homework done without feeling pressured.

If you cannot afford a private tutor, then my advice is to check out my math genius reviews and find a learning assistant for your child.