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What is the TLH? The Teaching and Learning History Community is a place to discuss issues and topics related to the teaching and learning of all fields of history at K-12, Two- and Four-Year institutions, museums, and public history sites.

How is the AHA involved?  AHA Teaching Division Chair Elaine Carey starts conversations and responds to community members that post. AHA Staff Julia Brookins (Special Projects Coordinator) and Dana Schaffer (Associate Director) follow the boards, add content of interest, and participate in the discussions.

Who can participate?  Anyone can register. Registered users (registration is free) can read,  post articles and links, and respond to topics and discussion threads,  but only AHA members can start new topics. Teachers, students, researchers, administrators, interpreters, and others involved in TLH are encouraged to respond.

Note: The AHA staff reserve the right to remove topics unrelated to teaching and learning history or that violate the AHA Communities Code of Conduct

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  • For AHA 2021, I would like to organize a panel that deals with the challenges that K-16 teachers face when they ask their history students to read a secondary or a primary source.  Some of the issues I would like to address in the session are: Are we ...

  • I'm developing a course on Future Societies. I'm curious re experience of colleagues re the linking of historical materials and reflections on the future, explicitly or implicitly. The foci will be: 1 Arriving at the present moment: the making ...

  • DIGITAL SPACES, PHYSICAL PLACES: A Digital Humanities Symposium April 16–17, 2020 Sponsor : Andrew W. Mellon Graduate Program in the Digital Humanities, University of Rochester Keynote: Henry B. Lovejoy, Assistant Professor of History, Center ...

  • Politics has changed a lot, in the last half-century – and so has political history. The boundaries of the political have been redrawn. The large social and political bodies of the mid-twentieth century have grown weaker or have dissolved. Public institutions ...

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