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Using history to teach future societies

  • 1.  Using history to teach future societies

    Posted 3 days ago

    I'm developing a course on Future Societies. I'm curious re experience of colleagues re the linking of historical materials and reflections on the future, explicitly or implicitly.

    The foci will be:

    1 Arriving at the present moment: the making of the 21st century 

    2 The Anthropocene: climate change, biodiversity loss, planetary boundaries, resilience, and deep adaptation 

    3 Global governance: the nation-state, transnational corporations, and civil society 

    4 Technology and innovation: Moore's law, the fourth industrial revolution, cultural lags, and institutional challenges 

    5 Human nature: perception, cognition, social identity, culture, and citizenship 

    6 Critical literacy: Big data, privacy, individual autonomy, and manufacturing consent 

    7 Measuring progress: Regenerative capitalism, the circular economy, and doughnut economics 

    8 Smart cities: population growth, urbanization, imigration, and the meaning of work 

    9 International security: food insecurity, social instability, and access to natural resources

    10 Individual choice/collective action: Carbon footprints, consumption patterns, investment decisions, political engagement, and human rights.

    David Starr
    Brookline MA