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Approaches to History Pedagogy in General Education Curricula

Nancy Quam-Wickham, California State University Long Beach, ChairDeveloping a Pre-Major at Utah State University: What is the difference between seeing history as a social science as opposed to one of the humanities?— Daniel McInerney and Norm Jones, Utah State UniversityProgress Portfolios and...

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Thinking about Gen Ed as Part of a Larger System

Richard Bond, Virginia Wesleyan College, ChairHistory teaching at an AAC&U-LEAP campus—Kenneth Nivison, Southern New Hampshire UniversitySystem-wide Learning Outcomes at a Texas Community College—Jonathan Lee, San Antonio CollegePressures for transferability—Marianne Wokeck, Indiana University...

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Quantitative Fluency in the History Classroom

Julia Brookins, AHA, ChairUsing Quantitative Data in Community College Courses—Maureen Nutting, North Seattle Community CollegeUS Environmental History for Scientists—Nancy Quam-Wickham, California State University Long BeachCASE Studies: Taking History into the Streets—Greg Nobles, Georgia...

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History’s Role on an Individual Campus

Richard Bond, Virginia Wesleyan College, ChairGen Ed Reform—Kay McAdams, York College of Pennsylvania(Re-)Calibrating a World History Survey at a Public HBCU—Charles V. Reed, Elizabeth City State UniversityHistory at an Urban 2-year college—Emily Sohmer Tai, Queensborough Community...

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Undergraduate Teaching Workshop handouts

A pdf of the handouts and two slide presentations on the role of history in general education, and ways of engaging students and colleagues from STEM fields in historical study. #competencies #Teaching #assignments #learningoutcomes #BA #programrequirements #rubric #AA

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Class-sourcing History: Teaching Students, Serving the Public, and Staying Relevant

Wesearch constantly for ways to teach students better, to serve our discipline,profession, and the broader public more fully, and to stay relevant in thisdigital era. I would like to propose one strategy that has the potential toadvance our collective capacity on all of these fronts: a new...